About The Olympic Laundry Wage Case...

Brodie & Rubinsky are the lead counsel filing a

complaint against Defendants Olympic Laundry,

in order to obtain back wages and other money

owed to its employees. Over the course of our

investigation, we discovered that the operators

of Olympic Laundry may have violated numerous

wage and hour laws.

Olympic Laundry, aka Central Laundry, Inc.,

is a company in Lansdowne, Pennsylvania, that

serves customers in and around Philadelphia as

a commercial laundry and delivery business.

This action is brought by former Olympic Laundry

workers Knolly Arnold, Keith Garvin, Bruce Howard,

and Matthew Pipino, on behalf of themselves and a

Class of non-supervisory laundry & linen cleaning

and delivery service employees of the Defendants.

Plaintiffs and the Class bring this action against

Defendants seeking redress for violations of the

1968 PA Minimum Wage Act, the PA Wage Payment

and Collection Law, and for breach of contract.

The action alleges that the Defendants did not pay

minimum wage for all hours worked, and did not

pay the overtime rate in cases where employees

worked for more than forty hours per week.

In addition to the Complaint in this matter, our firm

has assisted workers by filing charges against their

employer with the National Labor Relations Board

for Unfair Labor Practices.

If you or someone you know has worked,

or is currently employed by Olympic Laundry,

you may contact us for more information.